Enjoy The Ultimate In Estate Landscaping With A Customized Vineyard.


Grape vines add a peaceful beauty to any landscape and can be planted trellised or free standing goblet style depending on the location, soil type and varietal. Vines can give you a true inspiration of the seasons with the March bud break and spring development of the shoots to the leaves turning color in the fall after harvest to the stark woody cordons in the winter dormancy period.


Those that take on the endeavor of a vineyard will experience an enormous sense of pride, and will develop a new network of fellow farmers who share the same passion. The same goes for those who decide to make wine either as an amateur or professionally.

We offer a full range of installation services to permit the implementation of your own vineyard. Whether you need to select services from us for a turn-key full-service vineyard or organize your own Co-OP Group, we focus to create highly individualized layouts for your own personal vineyard.


Redlands Estate Vineyard Group

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